About TaiBON

TaiBON is the abbreviation of "Taiwan Biodiversity Observation Network". It is guided by the framework of biodiversity, and it is expected to be connected with the GEO-BON (Global Earth Observation: Biodiversity Observation Network) and AP-BON (Asia-Pacific Biodiversity Observation Network) and other international observation networks.


The spirit of TaiBON is not to announce "how bad the current ecological situation is", but to educate on how to reduce our impact on the earth's ecosystems when humans have to rely on natural resources to survive in the future. At the same time, we hope to understand the current ecological status through the biodiversity indicator system, thus facilitating efficient execution of sustainable development strategies. Further, we try to convey the concepts of ecological education via civic education, in the hope that a consensus will be built among the general public and these concepts will assist the government in decision-making.


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If you have read information and open data related to TaiBON, and wish to participate in the development of TaiBON, please contact us