Changes in the species number and population of native species affected by invasive species


Not only the invasive species can harm the economy, but also directly compete, crowding , or hybrid with the native species. The impact of the invasive species often reducing the number of native speices or even extinction. 


Indicator Details


Invasive species

PSBR model type

Pressure (P)

Corresponding targets


15.8 By 2020, introduce measures to prevent the introduction and significantly reduce the impact of invasive alien species on land and water ecosystems and control or eradicate the priority species.

Aichi Biodiversity Targets

Target 9: By 2020, invasive alien species and pathways are identified and prioritized, priority species are controlled or eradicated, and measures are in place to manage pathways to prevent their introduction and establishment.

Biodiversity Action Plan

D41050 Prevention of invasive species:

  1. Develop an emergency eradication plan for new invasive species and conduct regular drills with local governments.
  2. Establish a long-term control plan for invasive species to minimize the economic loss and ecological impact caused by invasive species.

Key performance indicator of action plan:

  • Number of existing invasive species, affected areas, and eradication cases handled/executed in the invasive species control plan.
  • The reduction rate of distribution range/number of existing invasive species. The reduction in the number of individuals of existing invasive species.


The species that are taken away from the original habitats and enter new habitat or ecosystems through trade, transportation, travel, and sightseeing activities are called alien species. Some alien species will become invasive alien species due to their strong adaptability and advantages in competitive survival. The alien invasive species will threaten the survival of native species, destroy the balance of the native ecosystems, and result in a decrease in biodiversity.

Definition and Calculation

The local ecosystem will be affected by invasive alien species, which results in a decrease in species number and population of native species. This indicator takes the year of invasion as the baseline year, and tally the changes in species number and population of the affected native species.

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Data Management Authorities

Forestry Bureau, Council of Agriculture, Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine, Council of Agriculture


Forest Bureau, Council of Agriculture (2006) Discussion on ecological impact from the introduction of alien species

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Forestry Bureau, Council of Agriculture